Canis meus Tractus

Puppies : Forsit PUPPIES elevatione duos aut plures eiusdem aetatis

Canis cum nova quaerens statuere conati optimum vobis eligite lecticam, fieri non sit tempus, cum unum tantum. autem, vos may volo considerare pros et cons cogendi sunt aequales duobus catulos.

Pretium erit operosior catulos geminasque

Cum catulos duas aequales sunt ex eadem lectica, erit ex natura explicatur hierarchicae canes grandiores ceteris magis quam dominantis et imperiosi. Id multo obstrictius crescamus canis sine substantia esse opus proprium socialis artes.

Dominatur magis crescatis in canem versus agere cum venerit ille canis esset princeps in omnibus occasionibus. Hoc ductu, in munere, dum a naturali, ex parte naturae,, Infeliciter, potest diminuere habilitatem ad aliud agere cum condiciones canis et possit evolvere mentis innixi related condiciones,. In addition, et canes cum anxietate laborant ab inuicem separari.

Esto paratus ad proelium aliquid canis

Ut aetate, the two dogs will eventually establish their roles with one another and you will rarely have to worry about your adult dogs fighting. Contra, in principio, cum iuvenes canibus, both of them will have a natural tendency to physically fight with one another when it comes to competition. Such competitive situations would include getting more attention than the other, pascens tempore, toys et successu dominatum super.

This situation will call for firm behavioral training and conditioning. If left unchecked, una alteri noceat et vestri catuli unius canis, qui est dux in non- (submissus) may develop deep anxiety issues when he becomes an adult. All of these concerns become amplified if your dogs are of the same sex.

Cum duo catuli eorum disciplina potest prohibere progressum et moribus

This is an important aspect of bringing two or more puppies into the house that many dog owners do not take into consideration. Your two puppies will be so preoccupied with one another that they may not be drawn to needing your attention as much as you would like, aut opus disciplina consilia.

Hoc autem non existimer tamquam malum hoc, consider what happens when you are trying to train your puppies with the basic commands and rules of the house. The job will be much harder and stressful on you because their attention is understandably occupied by each other’s company, et non audierunt mandata tua.


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